Journey of Consciousness with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Experiencing The Dimensional Split

(Physical and online versions available!)

Clears blockages and prepares you for the shift into the happy dream!

"It manifested huge changes in my life the very next day." ~ Helen Eager McDonnell

This workshop clears blockages and prepares you for the shift into the happy dream!

Experiencing The Dimensional Split

Do you feel the shift happening now? Have you noticed the change? We are on the precipice of the new world and the old world is falling away. Which world will you choose? The decision you make now will set the stage for your future.

This special time with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu clears blockages and prepares you for the shift into the happy dream!

Clear negativity, reverse old programs, stop limiting thoughts!

Ready For The Shift?

In this workshop, Ahonu and Aingeal Rose facilitate your choosing the new world and its implications in your life and future. The focus is on releasing the old world personally and collectively and reinforcing the new world. We explore and release belief paradigms that no longer serve you. You will move beyond belief systems to return to your own internal Holy Grail. We help you discover your highest gifts, restore your personal power and accelerate your soul evolution.

This ...

- Prepares you for the shift!

- Teaches you why clearing negativity is so important now.

- Shows how to reverse the old programs running your life.

- Stops limiting thoughts and expands your mind.

- Lays the groundwork for a better you, a better community, society and world.

- Rediscovers your highest gifts and restores your personal power.

- Shows you how to manifest what you really desire.

- Increases your love of self and others.

Don't let it pass you by...


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Time: 10am - 4.30pm
Fee: $333.00
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Hosted by: Aingeal Rose and Ahonu