Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

OMG You're So 3D

This book is about the great cosmic shift for Hue-mans, Earthlings And Innocent bystanders! It is part of The Space Muffin Series (, a sister book to The Free Will Zone (

The Angel Of The Forest: A Journey Of Twin Flame Love & Destiny

In Book 1 of the Healing From Grief series, Ahonu outlined how his baby was found dead in his crib. Book 2 followed his epic voyage from the pain and sorrow of a father’s grief, but in this book, Book 3, Ahonu’s painful journey takes a miraculous turn when he meets his twin flame, Aingeal Rose.

This quick read, no-nonsense true story follows Ahonu as he moves through his spiritual awakening, releasing the fear of being alone and healing his core wounds by integrating his soul journey with his twin flame Aingeal Rose.

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This book is the quickest way to know all about Dowsing. Expertly written by Dowser & Certified Hypnotist Chantal Cash, she tells her own dowsing stories as well as covers the history, the tools, the chakras, using the pendulum, the swing, clearing and protecting yourself.
Divine Feminine Meditations
Aingeal Rose created 3 short meditations to return women to their power and accept the fullness of their divine feminine selves. These meditations help you open to love more, forgive yourself and others more, and accept the grace of your divine feminine.
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A Guide To PROOFING Your Book
This is a free guide from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu. We recommend proofing your book thoroughly before publishing. It can be your last chance to correct typos or layout issues and ensure your book will do you proud.​
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The Science of Self Actualization
The 5 Essential Truths of Your Full Potential With Author, Teacher and Philosopher Ken Wilber. In This 8-Part Training You Will Discover: Truth 1: You Are Evolving Truth 2: You Are Multi-talented Truth 3: You Are Awakening Truth 4: You Are Unique Truth 5: You Are Whole
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