Aingeal Rose supports peoples awakening through powerful consulting and potent courses specially designed for your clarity, freedom and your conscious personal and business success! 

Introducing: Your Personal Manifesting Program

"Whatever the issue or desire, blockages are always held in our consciousness or bodies and it is here that correction must first occur."


The time has never been better for focusing on our goals and intentions. For any manifestation to take root, we must be clear and deliberate in how we want our lives to be. It can be increased spiritual awareness, better career, more fulfilling relationships, more money or better health. Whatever the issue or desire, blockages are always held in our consciousness or physical bodies and it is here that correction must first occur.

Because of this and due to questions clients have asked me over the years, I have created a 3-month personal consultation program to help you manifest your desires. The 3-month package includes:

  1. Two 30-minute phone consultations/month which include an Akashic Record check-in to uncover core issues blocking your manifesting.
  2. Uncovering belief systems, limiting thoughts and showing you how these can be playing out in your everyday life.
  3. How to reverse old programs and turn them into a new and positive program.
  4. How to keep going the distance with the manifesting of what you really desire. 
  5. Discovering your highest gifts and abilities and how to best utilize them for your personal soul evolution and success.
  6. Clearing any resistance to an unlimited life. 
  7. Restoring your personal power and increasing your ability to love yourself and others.

This personal program is for three months, making a total of six ( 30 minute) private consulting sessions. If you are ready, please click the link on this page and sign up! I will be taking a limited number of clients for each three month period and clients will be on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you and blessings,

Aingeal Rose

Aingeal Rose has pioneered the Manifesting Tree as her tool of choice to help you achieve everything in this personal manifesting program. Sometimes the Laws of Attraction can be hard work, but the manifesting tree is fun, fun, fun! You can use your tree for your family, your business, your projects, and in countless other ways! Once you begin filling in your manifesting tree, be prepared for things to start happening right away!

Limited places. First come, first served.

This is the first time I have offered consultancy to help you be clear and deliberate in how you would like your life to be. If you are ready to focus on your goals and intentions, get this consultancy special and watch your manifestation take root! I look forward to seeing you soon. Blessings and bye for now, Aingeal Rose